About Us


To bridge 21st century technology with the visual and performing arts to:

  • Incite positive emotion
  • Cultivate meaningful connections
  • Encourage artistic exploration
  • Spark innovation

Incite positive emotion

Cultivate meaningful connections

 Encourage artistic exploration

Spark innovation


To explore the limitless convergence of visual art, the creative process, and digital technology.

“Bring something new, something beautiful and something filled with light into the world.”


“We have been collecting major works of art for over four decades. Yet the truth is, one never feels they truly own great art. One is only a caretaker of it for a brief period. We believe art is meant to be shared. We had the idea to create an art museum for a long time. But we also knew that simply building a traditional art museum would not make the impact we wanted on the 21st century visitor—people who communicate, get their news, learn, and play on a plethora of technology devices, the museum had to be much more. It had to be a place where people from all walks of life, were totally immersed in an electrifying experience that was so captivating, it would cause them to want to engage in the artistic process, explore the meaning behind real works of art, and as a result expand their horizons, promising to elevate their quality of life. Developing the first contemporary art museum to blend immersive, digital, and physical artistic experiences under one roof from inception, we believe, will lead to cultural transformations yet unseen.”— Tracey H., & Robert L. DeBruyn & Ronald Bowman & Stanley E. Zukowfsky

MoA+L's Commitment to Equity

The Museum of Art + Light is the first art museum in the United States, from its inception in 2021, to present multi-sensory immersive exhibition experiences on a rotating basis together with displays of physical fine art objects in an array of media.

With public support from the State of Kansas; the City of Manhattan; and individual donors, businesses, organizations, and community leaders, construction began in 2022 on MoAL’s 100,000 ft2 of new-and renovated-buildings which will open to the public in November of 2024.

Our vision is to engage all visitors and communities in their lifelong appreciation of the arts.

Board of Directors

Tracey H., Board President & Robert L. DeBruyn, Chairman


Publishers and authors of a more than 50-year old global, educational publishing company, The Master Teacher, Inc., and co-founders of The Master Teacher Institute for the Arts (which funds scholarships for 40-50 of the best choral students from across the country), Tracey and Robert have combined their passion for education, the visual and performing arts, and art collecting, into the newly established Museum of Art + Light. Bridging the world of education and showcasing the visual and performing arts with contemporary fine art exhibitions, their shared legacy is to design and sustain a museum with arts education at its core.

Ronald Bowman & Stanley E. Zukowfsky, Treasurer


With more than 55 years of experience in the construction industry, Ronald Bowman (Owner/Operator) and Stanley E. Zukowfsky (Controller) of Bowman Construction Enterprises, a real estate development company specializing in the design and build of commercial and residential development projects. Life partners for more than 40 years. Ron and Stan, as they are fondly known, are highly recognized for their collective involvement in the LGBTQ+ Center in San Diego, California and One-N-Ten, a non-profit organization in Phoenix, Arizona. As philanthropists, activists, and avid art collectors, these two individuals are helping to lay the groundwork for the Museum of Art + Light’s future success.

Dr. Arthur S. DeGroat, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.), Executive Director, Military & Veterans Affairs, Kansas State University. Leader – NEA’s “Creative Forces” veteran’s arts movement.

Julie Hostetler, Community Volunteer

Dr. Bryan Pinkall, Director of the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance; Associate Professor, Kansas State University

Jim Rickabaugh, Education Consultant

Rob Romanet, Partner, Art of Real Estate

Museum Team

Erin Dragotto

VP of Development & Operations

Sydney Bouhaniche

Creative Director of Immersive Exhibitions

Kristy Peterson

VP of Learning, Engagement & Visitor Experiences

Lisa Highsmith

Collections Manager & Registrar

Lathan Mastellar

IT/AV of Immersive Exhibitions

Jessica Love

Motion Graphics Designer

Lakin Gambill

Motion Graphics Designer

Molly Corrigan

Motion Graphics Designer

Thank you for your interest in the Museum of Art + Light.

While we await your arrival to our new museum in fall of 2024, we are happy to share images and messages about our progress!

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